Wireline Depth

True along hole depth is used to define the position of geological horizons and equipment positioned along a well bore. Depth measurement is used to define the geometry of the well and is the reference for a multitude of measurements made along the well bore. Depth is used to define the geological and petrophysical attributes of the formations drilled. Depth is also used to specify where a variety of related services are performed during the lifetime of the well bore.

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This website provides a number of tools that can assist in the definition and correction of depth derived from wireline. This includes the following:

Wireline Depth Determination Rev 4.0

This booklet can be downloaded as a .pdf file, and incudes details of, and background to, wireline depth acquisition processes and corrections that are applicable to depth determination.


Wireline Depth routines

These are a series of wireline depth data registration and calculation routines that provide for the most important aspects of wireline depth determination: calibrated depth, elastic stretch correction and thermal expansion. The entered data and the output of the routines are available for data transmission using a variety of options.


Wireline Depth App

This App, suitable for use with Windows, Android and Mac smart phones, provide the same main functionalities as Wireline Depth routines, but in a smart phone environment. The App will be available at a later date: please come back and check the web site.